Žiga Drev

Co-Founder and CEO, OriginTrail


Žiga Drev is Co-Founder and COO of OriginTrail (https://origintrail.io), a blockchain company developing the first purpose-built decentralized protocol for supply chains. He is an authority on using the blockchain technology and GS1 standards for data integrity in global supply chains. Žiga is heading the operations in Asia where he established the partnership with Bits x Bites foodtech accelerator. Existing applications of the OriginTrail protocol include supply chain visibility for GMO-free dairy products, premium poultry and fresh vegetables for major European food producers, preventing counterfeiting in wine, blockchain-based consensus checks for efficient supply chain management for logistics center, data integrity for laboratory information management systems from Australia and Vietnam, and partnership with EVRYTHNG IoT smart product platform to deliver verifiable supply chain traceability and product authenticity for consumer product brands. The project with Yimishiji online organic food marketplace received the Innovation Spark 2017 Award from the Walmart Food Safety Collaboration Center in Beijing.