Volker Zepperitz

Communications and PR Manager, Marktschwärmer Deutschland


Marktschwärmer's vision is to create a more sustainable way to shop and eat food. The project’s unique combination of an online ordering platform and local pick up markets connects neighbours to farmers, neighbours to each other, and everyone to their food.

Every local Marktschwärmer community creates short supply chains, cuts transport distances and food waste. Farmers are empowered to rebuild a strong and direct relationship with their customers based on full transparency about product quality, processes and costs. Consumers are empowered to “shop fairer and eat better” as reflected in the project’s tagline.

Starting in France, Marktschwärmer has grown into a European movement with almost 1,300 local communities across 9 countries. In Germany, Marktschwärmer already connects around 45,000 consumers and 750 farmers every week.