Volker Koch-Achelpöhler

Head of the EU Liaison Office, Bayer AG


Since February 2016, Volker Koch-Achelpöhler is the Head of the EU Liaison office of Bayer AG. He has a long professional trackrecord in agriculture with a focus on plant protection andfertilizers.

From 2006 to 2016 Volker was leading the German CropProtection and Fertilizers Industry Association (IndustrieverbandAgrar e.V.) as Director General. Before that he was working withthe European Crop Protection Association (ECPA) thatrepresents the interests of the manufacturers of innovative plantprotection products at European level.

As senior manager he was responsible for strategy developmentand for the establishment of national crop protectionassociations across central and eastern Europe.

Prior to his engagement with the crop protection Industry, VolkerKoch-Achelpöhler was partner at ASA Institute of Sector Anlysisand Agricultural Policy Advise, a leading consultancy in the fieldsof agriculture that provided expertise and advise on agriculturalpolicy related topics to governments in Central and EasternEurope.

Koch-Achelpöhler studied agricultural economics in Bonn andstarted his professional career at the Society for AgriculturalPolicy Advice and Rural Sociology in Bonn as a research fellow.