Natalie Kirchbaumer

Founder and CEO, meine ernte


meine ernte is a young company based in Bonn, that aims to support people to grow their own vegetables.

meine ernte was founded in 2010 and offers, in cooperation with farmers and cities pre-planted vegetable gardens, to rent in 25 locations throughout Germany.

“More and more people want to know what they consume and learn how to grow their own food. On the one hand people want to be sure that their food is fresh, without pesticides and hasn’t been stored or transported for a long time and on the other hand they are looking for possibilities to escape their stressful and hectic life. Gardening helps their bodies and minds to relax and to enjoy the beauty of nature” says Natalie Kirchbaumer co-founder of meine ernte.

In addition to providing vegetable gardens, meine ernte offers gardening products and know-how to support everyone interested in growing their own vegetables on their balconies or in their gardens.