Natacha Neumann

Founder and Managing Partner, goodforgrowth


goodforgrowth puts the fun in healthy so kids eat better.

Natacha Neumann, co-founder,  explains “We are on a mission to improve the eating habits of future generations”. Natacha and Alex Neumann, alongside their 70 employees, have been pursuing this goal since 2010. Having worked as managers in the food industry for several years, the couple decided against climbing the corporate ladder. Instead, they chose to start a sustainable and value-driven company. This was the moment that the brand Freche Freunde was born. The company quickly became a leader in the German children´s snack industry, and in 2016 its sister brand Googly Fruit, which is aimed at the international market, was launched. Both in Germany and abroad, Freche Freunde and Googly Fruit stand for yummy snacks for on-the-go that introduce kids to a lifelong friendship with fruit and veg.The company’s mission is also supported by a multitude of fun and games, including ABC and 123 videos and books, activity magazines, family friendly recipes and of course our Googly Eyes.