Dominik Ewald

Co-Founder and CTO, MonitorFish


MonitorFish- Intelligence fish welfare monitoring

At MonitorFish, we are working on Artificial Intelligent based fish diagnostic platform that helps fish farmers to improve their fish production while being precise at their operations. For fish farming companies, it’s a constant challenge to maintain a healthy fish welfare. Every week, they check for water quality and fish health conditions to avoid any fish loss. The main problem, however, is to detect the early signs of stress among the serval growing fishes, which leads to a delayed precautionary step by the farmers. This is responsible for more than 40% less fish output. The loss of fish indeed, adds to the financial burden making aquaculture a risky and tedious business.

Our cloud-based bio-analytic software AnFish©, installed with our proprietary visual fish analytic tool Optofish©, monitors in real –time, the abnormal water quality (pH, temperature, DO, ammonia), fish behaviour and fish appearance. Based on the collection of fish welfare data, it generates a knowledge-based action plan that is notified to the operator at the fish farm. Early informed precise actions benefit the fish farming companies with higher fish output in terms of kg/m3 per employee. The technology holds tremendous potential in pioneering the sustainability of aquaculture as 60% of the global fish is expected to come out of aquaculture by the year 2030.

We are a multicultural team of innovation-driven experts with our office in Berlin. The startup is supported by Berlin startup incubator and Fraunhofer Ventures in Munich. In 2017, we have been acclaimed to be the top Agro-tech startup in Germany and among top 10 globally by FAC. Our vision is to be the leading company in marine animal welfare and sustainability. For More information visit our website