World Food Convention 2017

Between Hunger and Abundance - What will we be eating in the future?

Seven billion people currently live on Earth, and the distribution of resources could not be more unequal. While some allow themselves to throw away food, others must survive with very little. While some suffer from malnutrition, others struggle with obesity. No matter where one looks, balance is nowhere to be found. Yet, it takes balance to live a truly healthy life – in rich and poor nations alike. With nine billion mouths to feed by 2050, this balance is even more essential: Agriculture and livestock farmers need to increase their yield by 60 percent and simultaneously preserve the diversity of species, protect water, soil and forest resources for generations to come. How can this possibly be accomplished?

More than 450 decision-makers from politics and diplomacy, industry and associations, as well as NGOs and start-ups discussed the urgent matters of our time.




Impressions of the World Food Convention 2017